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Africa: ranking of the 20 most peaceful countries on the continent!

Africa is a multifaceted continent, reflecting diversity in terms of peace and security!

Published on 14 June 2024

Meet the leaders of peace in Africa!

les pays les plus pacifiques en Afrique

While at the global level, the Global Peace Index 2024 noted an overall decline in peace of 0.56% this year, sub-Saharan Africa, for its part, continues to face security challenges due to the rise of religious extremism and socio-political crises leading to armed conflicts.

Despite this bleak picture, some countries are havens of peace. Unresolved internal conflicts and political instability are the main causes of this deterioration of peace in Africa.

Performance of African countries according to the index

The performance of African nations in the 2024 index shows a notable contrast. Mauritius, with its relative political and economic stability, leads African countries, followed by Botswana, which also benefits from stable governance and continued efforts for social peace.

In contrast, countries such as South Sudan, Sudan and Somalia, which face long-standing conflicts and humanitarian crises, are at the lower end of the index. These states, plagued by civil wars and chronic political instability, illustrate the continent’s most serious challenges to peace.

Recent data positions the following African countries as leaders in peace on the continent:

1) Mauritius – 22nd in the world
2) Botswana – 50th in the world
3) Ghana – 55th in the world
4) Zambia – 57th in the world
5) Namibia – 62nd in the world
6) Tanzania – 65th in the world
7) Sierra Leone – 66th in the world
8) Liberia – 69th in the world
9) Angola – 72nd in the world
10) Tunisia – 73rd in the world
11) Morocco – 78th in the world
12) Malawi – 79th in the world
13) Senegal – 84th in the world
14) Algeria – 90th in the world
15) Mauritania – 95th in the world
16) Côte d’Ivoire – 109th in the world
17) Republic of Congo – 110th in the world
18) Benin – 114th in the world
19) Djibouti – 119th in the world
20) Togo – 120th place worldwide
These countries show that despite global challenges, it is possible to maintain a certain harmonious and secure tranquility, essential for economic and social development.


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