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Since March 2003, the CICP has become the flagship of African companies internationally, a key player in promoting and advising on the international development of companies, the engine of economic growth. This preponderant place is the reflection of a permanent perseverance which has made it possible to find a place among the major employers' institutions by federating the energies of actors from various backgrounds.

The benefits of membership?

  • International visibility for 12 months of your company in the CICP MAG magazine,
  • Visibility on our website in the Business Directory section,
  • Dissemination of your announcements, business opportunities, Offers and requests,
  • Networking and recommendations between business managers, experts, consultants, investors and project leaders…

Why join the CICP?

Today, joining the CICP means:

  • Join a benchmark employers' organization with representations and employees in more than 34 African countries and several thousand member companies and professional organizations;
  • Trust a motivated, involved, available, reactive, proactive, diversified and complementary team in its technicality to respond to your requests on a daily basis. You are supported on specific issues related to your business, managerial, legal, social, financial, etc. Our services are always at your disposal;
  • Networking: you meet other business leaders who share the same concerns as you. Exchange of experiences, skills, good practices during the different activities organized by the Group (meetings, general assemblies, employers' debates, sectoral meetings, taking part in trips and business meetings abroad during economic forums, trade fairs, conferences, etc.);
  • Contribute to reflection and debate on various socio-economic issues during our business meetings and sectoral workshops (legal and fiscal, social, economic, etc.);
  • Benefit from other specialized additional services: publication of your company in the business directory, classified ads, the Business Opportunities area and even the CICP MAG Magazine distributed in international business circles and the Newsletter and the support and assistance to SMEs.

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